DOI: 10.15393/

Katajala Kimmo 

University of Eastern Finland
Professor of History at the Institute for Geographical and Historical Studies
PhD in History

Digital history in Finland 
at the end of the 2010s


First projects of digital humanism, although that time no-one knew that term, started in Finland at 1980s already. Another early idea linked to the digital humanism was to digitize the sources of historical research: old documents and newspapers. Next step from digitizing the sources is to analyze them with different kinds of digital tools. Qualitative text materials can be analyzed with digital tools in many ways. One more important part of digital history is using and analyzing the old maps. Now new digital services are taken in use especially in the administration of the universities and in student services. One of very perspective pedagogical application is AdFontes, developed by the young scholars from the University of Zürich, Austria. Using digital solutions in popularizing and visualizing the past for the public in museums is a very timely trend. Not less important part of “digital revolution” in scientific research is publishing in electronic form. The availability of the knowledge and results of the scientists have recently been a topic of big discussion in the whole Western scientific world and in Finland as well.

Ключевые слова: Finland; digitalization in history; digital humanism; digitizing sources; digital pedagogical solutions.

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